Just got back from the cemetery, tidied up Nans grave abit..many of the wreaths still in good shape, mine still looking colourful, took some pictures close up of the flowers for my memory box. A rose fell off a wreath so i toom that and will press the petals. I feel sick now, not really in the mood for work…just want to curl up into bed.


Right it is 2.05am and I still have not finished this damn paper work, Two words are re sounding in my head to make it all worth while “Pay rise”.
Tomorrow is the flat viewing, turns out I don’t have work so I can join Greg and view it with him! Many pictures will be taken.

My Nan came up to the house today, She’ll be with us till Monday, It is so nice seeing her back to her normally self, I like to call her Griggsy or Nanny-O.
Thank you Nan for making me watch horror films from the age of four and making me dance along with your river dance DVD while you jigged your little legs about the place.