Long time no see!

So I have not bothered with Tumblr since Christmas really, had so much going on!

Contract is up for renewal on the flat and Greg asked the landlord if we can have a cat and they said yes! Omg omg omg…lots of cat pictures coming soon.


Now I can announce it the from the 10th October I will be the new Assistant Manager of the Watford store!
I am so excited, I have worked my ass off and it finally has paid off!


That awesome moment when you get back into bed and realise that the boyfriend is naked.

Bum squeeze time!


Aside from my news I also have weight loss news! Altogether now I have lost 1 stone & 9 pounds! I am so happy, It has been quite easy to do it. When you put your mind to it then it really isn’t that bad!

Not far from my goal now, Maybe by the end of the year I may be there!

I am however celebrating with a pizza. Ooops.

Holy Smokes!

Exciting news coming! Watch this space on Monday!


While I have been living in Middlesbrough I have been sleeping on the sofa pretty much every night, Sure the bed is comfy and the bedroom is lovely but it has been horrible sleeping without Greg!
I was feeling like such a woman when I told Greg that I am unable to sleep properly without him but to my relief he told me that he too hasn’t been able to sleep in our bedroom while I have been gone and have been sleeping on the sofa bed!

I miss him so much. As much as I am enjoying this job I can’t wait to come home and see everyone again.

Studley Living.

So I have been in Studley for 2 weeks now, one more week to go and then I will be home for a day then off to Leeds for 3 weeks! The time flys by which is good as I do miss Greg and my friends alot but I got paid yesterday? And yeah the money is totally worth it!
My bank account is very happy!

Also where I will be staying in Leeds is much much better than here and I can’t wait! & FREE WIFI!
There has been no wifi here hence why I have not been blogging much just leaving my queued posts post away but I will be back soon guys!


So I came home late last night, a two hour journey took just over four hours! Stupid football and signal failures.
Any way that was my first week away from home, Many more to come! I will be leaving again tomorrow at 6pm to go to Redditch but that will be for three weeks, It will all be worth it in the end as I will be mega rich so me and Greg can make some plans and save some money!
It was cute as he came and met me on the high street, It felt like a movie all slow motion, I was so happy to see him so I ran to him and gave him a huge hug.
Three weeks away from him will suck.

Last Day ish.

So this is kinda of like my last day in Watford for a while, Which is awesome because of what lies ahead for me.
Tomorrow I will be leaving for Haslemere and staying in a lovely hotel with unlimited use of the sauna, pool and gym (been dying to wear my new two piece swim suit) then returning home on the Friday evening and then on the Sunday evening my manager will be picking me up to go to Redditch which is my first 3 weeks away from Watford which will be the tough one as I won’t enjoy the evening much being away from Greg, my family and my friends and work friends I know I will miss them too much.


So I went to my Mums today after my last shift in Watford and I will do another post about that later but I want to talk about my little brother, He is only 6 and he is the cutest thing ever, Looks exactly like me.

He saw me cut my Mums hair and he asked me if I could cut his and I asked why and then he started to sob and cry and he hugged me.
Turns out that some kids at school bully him over his hair, He said they call him girl boy and my heart just sank! It was his choice to grow his hair and seriously it isn’t even long but he said he wanted to be a cool rock kid with long hair and I just am so disappointed that he is being bullied over something like that.

He is such a nice, sweet, playful, silly, funny, cute little boy and I just feel so bad that he is being bullied at school over something so small.

Shopping Again

Sooo I was only going to buy one new top today for myself as it will be my last Thursday in Watford for quite a while and well I ended up buying a top, jumper, 2 pairs of leggings and bra & matching underwear…Naughty Hanna.
Cannot wait to try it all on now! So nice to be buying clothes in up to two sizes smaller than what I used to buy for myself, weight loss rules.
Got to try very hard to keep that winter weight off!


I am happily playing Pokemon Pearl & watching Back to the future! Loving the young faces of Michael J Fox & Crispin Glover. Me & Greg geeking it up and eating junk food, Very good Sunday.


I am feeling so lazy today! I need to bathe, exchange some clothes and then I really should go to my Mums as it would be nice to see her and my siblings and I really need to borrow a suitcase as next week will be my last full week in Watford till next year!


Finished work nice and early today for a change so I went shopping! Got some of those awesome knitted legging things that I always blog anddd a long grey top that I love andddd a skull scarf andddd makeup and hair stuff, I had to stop myself from buying more!

There was a fashion show going on in town and everything that the models wore I wanted! Not fair.

Clothes this season are so good, knitted things and big massive scarfs and DM’s and studded things! This season is a very good one for fashion and I couldn’t be happier as its all things I love. clothe

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