I have just got back from tending to Nans grave, so so many graves over grown it was hard to not tidy a few of them while we were there. Threw away all of her wreaths now all dead but we bought some really nice flowers for her too and a cup of tea.
Went back to the jewellers about sorting my ring as he loosened the diamonds when he made it smaller but its fine now, feels good having her ring back on my finger.
Also my healthier living is a success so far already lost some weight!
Time for some salmon.

Hard times.

Greg got back from work at 7.30am this morning and he came over to the bed and cuddled me and I started talking about Nan then for the first time Greg spoke to me about his Nan, All I knew is that she died when he was 11 and he was her favourite grandchild, So he completely understands what I am going through so as we were telling each other stories about our Nan’s I just started crying and he whispered “I know what your going through” and he got upset too, I know it is hard for him to talk about her but I was glad he was able to talk about it as he said he has never spoken to anyone about her not since she died so it was nice sharing nice memories of two people we cared a lot about.